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Next generation after sugar-free

Many products that originally contained sugar now have sugar-free alternatives. These alternatives are better for the teeth because they are less likely to cause dental caries. Nevertheless, there is a general misunderstanding that if a product is sugar-free it is tooth friendly; which is often not the case. Commonly, sugar-free products such as, candies, dietary supplements, saliva stimulants and various medicines, are highly acidic and therefore erosive and harmful to the teeth.

A product composition now exists that can be regarded as the next generation after sugar-free. The invention is specifically related to the inorganic chemistry of human saliva and its influence on the human tooth substance in relation to the intake of acidic solid composition. The composition is a pleasant tasting oral stimulant that is acidic but yet non-erosive. The product is based on seven years of scientific work, numerous scientific articles, a PhD thesis and dozens of conference procedings. The invention has been granted a patent in Austrial and has a patent pending in Canada, China, Europe, Hong Kong, India, Japan and USA